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PHANTASM Creator Don Coscarelli Joins Mick Garris On The Latest POST MORTEM!

If you’re a horror fan, then POST MORTEM should be one of your must-listen podcasts. (Right next to Shock Waves, of course!) Mick Garris hosts, and delves into informative, in-depth interviews with some of the finest fellow filmmakers and peers. He’s had everyone from Rob Zombie to Eli Roth to Walter Hill on. Not to […]

Comic Books 

Creature Features In Burbank Pays Tribute To The Great Bernie Wrightson

Growing up, I was always a huge Stephen King fan. One of the earliest films I remember seeing on TV was SILVER BULLET, and as a budding young horror fan that was attempting to expand upon my vernacular, I tried to track down whatever King books I could find at the local book store, even […]


#RESPECT – Why Uncle Red From SILVER BULLET Is A National Treasure

This past weekend, Los Angeles residents were treated to an all day horror movie marathon over at Creature Features in Burbank courtesy of filmmaker Mike Williamson and his monthly event Secret Sixteen. The third feature in the queue was one of my personal favorites SILVER BULLET, the 1985 werewolf cult classic based on the Stephen […]