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Horror Artist Profile: Jenny Parks and Pop Culture Cats

Love cats and horror movies? Artist Jenny Parks has found a niche creating pop culture cat art. She began making a living with her fuzzy creations after drawing a line of STAR TREK cats and then expanded into everything from STAR WARS, to DR WHO, to a variety of horror properties. She currently resides in Colorado, but you can find […]


Apocalypse Meow: Nine Unforgettable Killer Cat Movies

Horror movies have more subgenres than they probably need. “Werewolf biker movies,” plural, that’s a real thing. But mostly these offshoots of our favorite scare tactics make a certain amount of sense. There are a whole lot of deadly animal movies, for example, and if we can have a whole subgenre for man-eating sharks, then […]

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Horror Icons With Cats! A Chat With Kat Philbin!

As I’ve mentioned quite a bit on this site already, I love Hyaena Gallery, and I love their roster of artists. One of the most unique and different of the bunch is the incredibly talented Kat Philbin. There’s a quirky sense of fun and whimsical in her illustrations and yet an underlining dark humor to her […]