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Rounding Out “Exploitation Month” on SHOCK WAVES Episode 62!

Episode 62 now available! The whole gang, Ryan Turek, Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane, are back to close out “Exploitation Month” on SHOCK WAVES! First up, the latest horrors! Rob reports back from the surprise premiere of VICTOR CROWLEY, aka HATCHET 4, as well as RE-ANIMATOR: THE INTEGRAL VERSION, BEYOND THE DARKNESS, BEYOND […]


Slashback! Revenge is Served Ice-Cold in 1983’s CURTAINS

Many slashers from the genre’s Golden Age — beginning with John Carpenter’s 1978 HALLOWEEN and continuing through the next few years — gained notoriety from memorable murder set-pieces (a tradition dating back to the Italian giallo, arguably the slasher’s closest cinematic relative); some noteworthy examples include Kevin Bacon’s bunk-bed skewering in FRIDAY THE 13TH or […]