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The PURE CINEMA Podcast Focuses On The Most Insane, Bat-Sh*t Movies You Need To See!

Have you been listening to the Pure Cinema Podcast yet? It’s co-hosted by Shock Waves‘ own Elric Kane, along with Brian Saur, creator and curator of the great movie-centric blog, Rupert Pupkin Speaks. And their deep movie knowledge and discussions stretch way beyond the horror genre and into all facets of film. This week’s 8th episode, […]


Ready To Join A Cult? Check Out The Trailer To ONE OF US!

Here’s a new horror feature that snuck up on us! ONE OF US, starring Christa B. Allen (REVENGE, 13 GOING ON 30), Carly Schroeder (MEAN GIRLS, GRACIE), and Derek Smith (GREY’S ANATOMY, CSI), follows a young journalist who goes undercover within a mountain commune and becomes manipulated by a cult leader. ONE OF US was […]


Exclusive Clip From The Upcoming PARENTS Blu-Ray!

The new Vestron line of Blu-Ray’s from Lionsgate continues to press forward, and this January 31st, you can pick up the 1989 cult classic PARENTS in it’s new high def format! The disc is loaded with all new special features including a commentary, isolated score and several new featurettes. We’ve got the full specs for […]


Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Movie Pleasures

One of my favorite movies is POPEYE. I don’t love it from a place of nostalgia. I don’t love it ironically. I love it because the songs by Harry Nilsson are great. I love it because Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall as Popeye and Olive Oyl, not to mention the rest of the cast. The […]

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10 Fantastic Cult Films Now Available on Amazon Prime

I head to Netflix for recent releases, and I go to HULU for my TV fix. But I love hunting on Amazon Prime for unexpected titles that I don’t find on other platforms. This week, I’ve curated a list of 10 fantastic cult films. Some are horror, some are quirky comedy, and some are difficult […]


Flashback Flick: Brad Pitt In KALIFORNIA

The obsession with all things serial killer can be trailed back decades and decades from the fascination with the notorious Manson murders to even the Black Dahlia murder years before. It’s a mystery deeply rooted in a lot of us wonderers. “Why do people kill and what enjoyment do they receive from it?” isn’t a […]



Two films that impacted my young teenage years were David Lynch’s DUNE and Don Coscarelli’s PHANTASM.  The more I delved into Frank Herbert’s adaptation of DUNE and reviewed the PHANTASM franchise, the more I couldn’t help but appreciate how these two brilliant works of art complement each other. I’m not the first to compare PHANTASM […]


10 “Cult” Movies You Have To Check Out

Prior to co-creating Icons Of back in 2004, I spent several years working at various Tower Records locations across Long Island, NY. And while I shifted into different positions over the years before finally settling into the art department, I always gravitated towards being involved in some capacity with the movie section. In the […]


Nothing Can Prepare You For The Action Packed Double Bill Of DANGEROUS MEN & DEADLY PREY!

For this week’s double take, I didn’t watch two horror movies. My buddy Scott Reynolds instead suggested on doing a double feature of DANGEROUS MEN, paired up with DEADLY PREY and insisted that this toxic combination of cinematic madness would absolutely blow my mind in the same way that some of my recent genre discoveries […]