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Today, We Celebrate Harry Warden And MY BLOODY VALENTINE!

Well, today is the day. Where we connect with our loved ones and wish them a bloody Valentine! There aren’t a tremendous amount of options when it comes to Valentine themed horror movies, but I’m sure a lot of you will be celebrating the holiday that Harry Warden laid claim to with his bloody pick […]


They Bite! Remembering CRITTERS 30 Years Later

When it comes to the “tiny-terror” subgenre of horror movies that rose to prominence in the 1980s, some would think first of Joe Dante’s 1984 hit GREMLINS. But for others, the mini-monster movie franchise┬áthat springs to mind will forever be CRITTERS, starring those tiny, razor-toothed, bouncing space porcupines with an attitude as voracious as their […]


J.J. Abrams Introduces PHANTASM At SXSW!

Last night at South By Southwest, the new 4K restoration of PHANTASM premiered for the Austin audience and there was a special guest to introduce the film. It was none other than J.J. Abrams, whose Bad Robot Productions oversaw the complete remaster of Don Coscarelli’s cult classic 1979 horror flick. In attendance from the film: […]


5 Reasons You Must Own PIECES On Blu-Ray

Quite frankly, if you’ve ever witnessed the horror anomaly that is PIECES, I shouldn’t have to come up with 5 reasons for you to add this new Blu-Ray to your horror collection. You should fully understand that it’s already a must-own. It’s the epitome of “cult classic.” It’s not good, it’s not bad. It just […]


LA – See The New 4K Restoration Of BLUE SUNSHINE This Fri. 11/6!

Attention to all of our Los Angeles readers! This Friday night, November 6th, the Cinefamily will be screening for the first time ever the brand new 4K restoration of Jeff Leiberman’s 1978 cult classic BLUE SUNSHINE! The screening begins at 10:45PM that evening, and Jeff Leiberman will be in attendance for an introduction and Q […]