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10 Movies that Will Destroy Your Grasp on Reality

Movies can make you laugh and cry, but they can also make you question your own reality. Remember that moment after you first saw THE MATRIX or GHOST IN THE SHELL, and you looked at the world around you wondering, just for a brief second, if it could all be fake, just a dream or […]

Films Scary Fun 

You Lose — You Die: Ten Movies About Deadly Games of Survival

In THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, 80 American employees of the Belko Corporation are locked in their office building in Colombia (“where life is cheap!”) and are told over the loudspeaker that the new rule is “Kill or be killed.” Thirty people must die at the hands of their coworkers — or 60 will die when their […]


Revisiting CUBE 20 Years Later

We go to sleep every night expecting to awaken in the same bed, in the same home, the next day. But what if we didn’t. Instead you awaken in a cold, unfeeling, industrialized hell filled with deadly traps, an unbearable void, and worse yet… other people. This is the basic premise of CUBE, the 1997 […]


10 Science Fiction Films that Changed my Understanding of Life

Movies have the power to change lives. While horror and science fiction fans may be in a constant debate over the best sub-genres, remakes, sequels, and other minutia- the one thing most dedicated fans agree on is that their lives or understanding of humanity was profoundly changed by a medium. Below are 10 science fiction […]


Talkin’ Tracks: An Interview With THE WITCH Composer Mark Korven

‘There’s evil in the wood’  – William (THE WITCH) I only think of one film in recent history to garner the same kind of buzz as THE WITCH, that being IT FOLLOWS. Never being one to buy into hype, I sat down in the movie theatre fully expecting IT FOLLOWS to let me down – […]