The 13th Floor


Intense Trailer Hits for Rob Zombie’s New Film 31

Rob Zombie’s latest movie, 31, has had a very dramatic journey to get to this point, but finally, a trailer has been released. After some highly controversial crowd-funding campaigns, Zombie has been battling the ratings board for months after 31 received the notorious NC-17 rating. Now, cut down to a nice pleasant R-rating, Zombie launched the […]

Scary Fun 

The Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2016, Part 1: It Came From Kickstarter!

There aren’t a whole lot of horror games coming out from the big game publishers in 2016. Instead of trying to scare you, EA, Activision and the rest are dropping a ton of tried and true war simulators, fantasy games, and sequels. But don’t despair. This is great news for fans of horror games. In […]