The 13th Floor


Terrifying Short TUCK ME IN Will Scare You In Less Than One Minute!

Brrrr…… this short film is a creepy one! Earlier this week, we shared the trailer to the upcoming feature THE HATRED. Much like the original teaser for THE CONJURING, the strongest aspect of the trailer was that it let one full scene from the movie play out. And it’s a terrifying one! Naturally, because this […]

Real Life Scares 

What Is The Story Behind The Creepy Janesville Doll?

Since 1976, a mysterious doll has been sitting in the attic of a home in Janesville, Minnesota. His blank stare hides behind his porcelain face as he overlooks the street below. His presence is felt by all who pass by, and an uneasiness sits in the air like a heavy fog. Why is the doll […]


There’s Something Wrong with the Children: 10 Frightening Flicks with Possessed Kids

Speaking as a father, I can attest to the fact that children are pretty damn creepy. Most parents will question occasionally┬áif their 3-year-old is actually possessed as they demonically throw crayons or hurl their milk at the wall. But in movies, it gets much worse. THE DARKNESS is opening in theaters on May 13th and […]