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Peachfuzz Returns! Mark Duplass Reveals CREEP 2 Info

Production on the long-awaited sequel to CREEP — the Netflix found-footage fave from 2014 starring Mark Duplass as a weirdly adorable serial killer — has been kept on the down-low for a while… but indie outfit The Orchard has finally pulled back the curtain on the bizarre horror-comedy featuring the antics of Duplass’s charming madman […]

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10 More Horror Films from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Last week, I collected a list of films from the 2000s that are sadly overlooked. Check out the first list here. In many cases these films just didn’t get the wide release or audience attention they deserved. Sometimes, the movies just weren’t brutal torture flicks which is where the predominant audience tastes were at the time. […]


Profile On THE NEW FLESH – A Horror Podcast

THE NEW FLESH is fun. Yeah, it’s a horror podcast, but hosts Brett Arnold and Joe Avella, a pair of filmmakers with comedy credentials, aren’t self-serious completists or VHS-era snobs. They don’t particularly have a favorite era of horror, and they aren’t beholden to those they feel encapsulate the genre. Horror, to them, isn’t something […]

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Five Fantastic 2015 Horror Films Currently Streaming on Netflix

Looking to catch up on a year’s worth of horror movies? Well, you can start at Netflix Instant where a good amount of 2015 horror releases are currently available for streaming. Check out some of our staff’s favorite 2015 horror titles below. LAST SHIFT Several of us selected this title not only for our “top […]

John Humphrey’s TOP 10 Horror Films of 2015!

Coming up with a best-of-the-year list is a surprisingly difficult task. What if I pick the wrong film? What if nobody likes me?? What if I actually did manage to forget the one movie you’re about to tell me I’m an idiot/should be literally killed for not including??? The stakes are high… All anxiousness aside, […]

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5 Frightening Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix Instant This Week

This week, Netflix has a great assortment of both new indies horrors and terrifying classics. Check out our selections of five great horror films streaming the week of December 7th, 2015. CREEP (2015) This is a smart and effective take on the found footage sub-genre. A man answers a Craig’s List ad for a day […]