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First Trailer For THE SHAPE OF WATER, The Latest From Guillermo del Toro!

Wow. I knew nothing about this before seeing the trailer this morning and now I’m in love! Here’s the trailer to the latest movie from Guillermo del Toro titled THE SHAPE OF WATER, which Fox Searchlight is releasing in theaters December 8th! Isn’t that beautiful? It looks like his version of “Creature From The Black […]


The 10 Best Cinematic Living Dead Dolls

Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls continue to grow, including these brilliant and disturbing takes on film favorites. For as long as anyone can remember, kids have played with small, sometimes cuddly toy takes on humans. And since then, these playthings have offered plenty of scare potential for anyone who’s stumbled across those beady black eyes in […]


Universal’s Most Iconic Movie Monsters: Where Are They Now?

When classic movie monsters are brought up, everyone knows the usual suspects. The fanged DRACULA and misunderstood Frankenstein’s Monster often head up the back followed by the cursed Wolfman. If you dig a little deeper, though, you round out the roster, and encounter perennial favorites such as THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE INVISIBLE […]


School’s In Session: The Hollywood Reporter’s Full Directors Round Table 2017

The Hollywood Reporter has made it an annual event to do a series of round table interviews once Oscar season rolls around. Although it’s not “horror” per se, most people that love the genre just have an general appreciation for the craft of directing, so the director’s round table is one I look most forward […]


Is This New MUMMY A “Horror” Movie… Or What?

It’s been in the works for a while now, but for the last several years, Universal Studios has been looking for the appropriate way to relaunch their series of world-famous monsters. It hasn’t been easy. Francis Ford Coppola’s DRACULA was a stellar and proper adaptation of the original Bram Stoker book, but that came out […]



Just because something is news to you, doesn’t make it “news.” Just this past year, for example, the fact that Bill Murray’s cameo in ZOMBIELAND was originally written for Patrick Swayze (who tragically died before the film was made) was treated as an honest to goodness “news story,” even though it was merely old-fashioned movie trivia […]


5 Times ABBOTT and COSTELLO Faced The Universal Monsters!

Sure ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN is a great monster mash but have you seen the others? For many that film was the ultimate gateway flick to discovering the classic creature features. After all, it had everything in it – the comedians were in top from and Bela Lugosi officially played Dracula for the first […]


THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH! Let’s Kill Again Like We Did Last Summer

“Out of the sea THEY came …transforming a carefree, twisting and frolic-filled teen age beach party into a nightmare” of blood and tattered bikinis. Welcome to THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH – a “new” kind of cinema – the world’s first monster movie musical – or so the producers claimed. The year is 1964 and […]


Remember When The NINJA TURTLES and UNIVERSAL MONSTERS Joined Forces?!

Like GHOSTBUSTERS, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is an ’80s property so popular that it’s as beloved and relevant today as it was when it was first introduced. And the franchises will soon share more in common than simply being enduringly popular, as sequel TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS and Paul Feig’s […]

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Fear of the Unknown: Ten Horror Titles That Almost Were!

Back when horror sites quickly usurped the throne of horror movie scoops from print fright mags, you could rarely go a day without hearing some kind of rumor surrounding your favorite horror properties. This was all before the word “remake” was appropriated as a stigmatic kiss-of-death, and the fates of our favorite horror franchises were […]


Blood in the Forecast: Horror Movie Snow Globes!

Snow globes are undoubtedly more synonymous with Christmastime, grandma’s house, and cheerful tidings than they are horror movies, so you probably wouldn’t expect those two very different things to come together all that often – if ever. But sometimes, wonderful and magical things happen out there in the world. And horror movie snow globes, you […]


The TRANSFORMERS Horror Movie Toy Line That Never Was

One of the most fun subjects to talk/dream about is that of horror toys that never ended up hitting shelves, and in the recent past here on we’ve shined the spotlight on failed figures like the fourth series of SOTA’s “Now Playing” line and the MAXx FX line that didn’t quite turn out the […]



During the 1930s and ’40s, most of the more familiar movie monsters hailed from musty old Carpathian castles and fog-­shrouded European forests. So when Universal Studios ushered in the science fiction boom in the 1950s, the gothic soundstage sets were discarded for more exotic locales, such as steaming jungles, ominous deserts and subterranean temples. The name of […]