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From Page to Screen: Bram Stoker’s DRACULA — Five Key Differences

On May 26, 1897 Irish theatrical business manager Abraham “Bram” Stoker gave the world its most eternal literary character: Count Dracula. Since the time of its publication, the book, much like the Bible (which, coincidentally, also features the story of an eternal character), has never been out of print. Although not a bestseller upon release, […]


Which Is YOUR Favorite Monster From THE MONSTER SQUAD?

In previous editions of character showdown, we’ve run polls to determine who your favorite Universal Monster was. (The Wolf Man was the front runner with the Creature From The Black Lagoon at a close second!) We’ve asked you to tell us which member of THE MONSTER SQUAD was your pick for best. We even gave all […]


Severin To Release COUNT DRACULA With Christopher Lee On Blu-Ray

The fine fiends over at Severin Films keep delivering the goods! Just announced, on December 8th, they’ll be releasing a Blu-Ray of Jess Franco’s 1970 classic COUNT DRACULA starring the late, great Christopher Lee! This will be the UNCUT version of the film, compete with the controversial previously deleted baby scene and it also includes […]