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Our Favorite Costumes from Phoenix Comicon 2017

This past weekend, we traveled to Arizona for Phoenix Comicon 2017. Just in the past four years I have been attending this event, it has grown from a mid-sized fan gathering into a massive weekend with over 100,000 attendees. The con has become known for its wide variety of guests, activities, and even gaming tournaments […]

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THE CRAFT, DEAD ALIVE & More: You Must See This Amazing Horror Cosplay Family!

I travel to a lot of horror conventions and see a lot of cosplay. But few things have impressed me quite as much as the Morales sisters and their deep appreciation for the horror genre. Even more impressive – they are just kids, but yet they tackle niche, lesser-known horror movies (like CURTAINS and HELLO MARY […]

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Meet The Man With The World’s Most Fully Functional BATMAN Suit

So, I bet a lot of you out there think you are the world’s biggest Batman fan? You might have to take a back seat and give it up for Julian Checkley. The Ireland based FX artist and suit maker currently holds the Guinness World Record for “most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit.” A huge […]

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Meet “Creepy Fig,” the Nightmarish Life-Size LEGO Man (and Comic-Con Superstar)

As happens every year, attendees at last month’s Comic-Con were confronted by hideous apparitions of all shapes, sizes and species (and a few fans in weird costumes too), but one inventive cosplayer still has folks buzzing long after they returned home from San Diego. Some of the really serious horror-themed costumes wandering the grounds can often […]

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10 Absolutely Awesome Pop Culture Trends We Saw at Phoenix Comicon!

This past weekend was Phoenix Comicon 2016! Taking over the entire downtown Phoenix area, this convention is known for its huge attendance (almost 100,000 people), and its extremely dedicated fan base. Once again this year, the fans and artists did not disappoint, creating a unique celebration of all things “geeky”. was there rocking a […]

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Behold the Awesomely Creepy Horror Manga Cosplay of Mamakiteru

You may be thinking, “cosplay is so 2012″… but think again: now, the coolest thing ever is horror manga cosplay. Twitter user Mamakiteru has a unique cosplay specialty: she recreates individual panels from Japan’s beloved horror manga comics, with impressive results. Her favorite subject seems to be the works of Junji Ito — whose most […]