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How to Play the Eerie Fortune-telling Game Charlie Pencil

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to experiment with all kinds of weird homemade divination games. We played with Ouija boards, mysteriously levitated each other via “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board”, and would scare the hell out of ourselves while attempting to evoke The Midnight Man. Then there […]


James Wan Talks “Redefining Horror” in This New Promo for THE CONJURING 2!

With the highly-anticipated sequel to James Wan’s chilling blockbuster THE CONJURING less than two weeks away, the film’s promoters have assembled some pretty intense preview materials… for example, we recently shared some audio excerpts from the Warrens’ case files which may lead to a few sleepless nights. In a new follow-up promo uploaded today, CONJURING director Wan […]

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New THE CONJURING 2 Promo Includes the Warrens’ Terrifying Audio Recordings

James Wan’s much-anticipated sequel to his 2014 horror blockbuster THE CONJURING is just a couple of weeks away, but you can start having nightmares right now — thanks to a new promo featurette for THE CONJURING 2, which claims to include actual audio recordings from the archives of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the real-life demonologists […]

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The New GHOSTBUSTERS, ALIEN, CONJURING 2, and More: This Week’s Horror News Rundown

Every week the internet overflows with news, updates and unusual stories from the weird, wild world of horror entertainment. You don’t have time to follow it all, or at the very least we think you shouldn’t have to. In our new weekly series at Blumhouse, we’re cutting out the clutter and revealing the ten news […]