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You KNOW You Want to Guzzle Coffee From a Zombie’s Head…

…and now you can, thanks to the truly twisted — and frankly amazing — mug designs of artist Turkey Merck, whose creations have been steadily gaining popularity among horror fans since the first images of “Slow Joe,” a one-eyed, rotting zombie head coffee mug, crept onto Merck’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. Based in Georgia, Merck […]


13 Kickass Japanese LaserDisc Covers

There may be some of you out there who have never heard of a LaserDisc. You make us feel old, but you were also kind of missing out. Naturally technology has evolved beyond these giant optical discs, which were about the size of a vinyl record, but there was a time when LaserDiscs represented the […]

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The 1979 ALIEN Toy That Was Too Terrifying For Kids To Play With

Ridley Scott made quite an impact with his second feature, unleashing the Dan O’Bannon-scripted ALIEN on audiences in 1979. Films like THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE and HALLOWEEN had by that point already become ingrained in the nightmares of movie-goers, and Scott’s sci-fi/horror masterpiece rounded out that golden age of truly terrifying films by giving rise to […]