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5 Legendary and Frightening Christmas Monsters that Aren’t Krampus

This time of year, Krampus seems to get all the attention.  Here are few of Santa’s B-Team who don’t get nearly as much attention as they should. From all around the world, check out these 5 equally twisted Christmas monsters. Hans Trapp This German Krampus is actually based on a historical figure. Hans von Trotha […]

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Creature Features Celebrates KRAMPUS With This Art Exhibit

This is it! The holiday week is upon us! And it couldn’t possibly have been a bigger year for the Anti-Claus, himself, Krampus! With the new movie still playing in theaters, and the general public’s continued fascination with the strange and unique history of Krampus, the big guy’s popularity and place in pop culture is at […]

Top Krampus Christmas TV Show Appearances !

Krampus, Santa’s demonic counterpart, has moved beyond a scary fable shared with glee by horror fans; he has become a pop culture phenomenon. So while the rest of the family is enjoying some sappy Christmas special, check out these five decidedly non-traditional TV shows that star Krampus. AMERICAN DAD – “Minstrel Krampus” Leading up to Christmas, […]

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Austrian Town Introduces Syrian Refugee Kids to Krampus!

As Syrian families continue to seek asylum in European countries, there are obviously multiple issues to contend with — not the least of which is the challenge of comprehending new cultures and traditions. But refugees in Austria have a rather unique form of culture shock to deal with: they’re in the birthplace of Krampus, the […]

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KRAMPUS and TRICK ‘R TREAT Ornaments Are Here!

The fine fiends over at Middle Of Beyond have got you covered for all your quirky holiday needs! Sweaters, cardigans, scarves? Check. Blankets, pillows, rugs? Also check. Christmas tree ornaments? Oh hellz yeah! MOB are offering a slew of various horror themed Christmas tree ornaments including the KRAMPUS and Sam (from TRICK ‘R TREAT) that […]

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Killer Horror Christmas Gifts Found on Etsy

Looking for a perfect, unique gift for your favorite horror fan? I love shopping for gifts on Etsy. Etsy is a website similar to eBay where individual crafters and artists can sell their products. If you want something distinctive and personalized, Etsy is an amazing resource. Plus, you are supporting an individual artist as opposed […]

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The World’s Scariest Holiday Event- The Krampus Parade!

As the movie KRAMPUS is about to release and the holiday season is almost upon us, let’s not forget about Krampuslauf Graz, or as I like to call it “The World’s Scariest Parade”. Each year, Austria hosts the Krampus Parade where hundreds of folks dressed as the horned holiday beast prowl the streets frightening onlookers. […]

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The Anti-Claus is Coming to Town! A Brief History of Krampus

This story originally published on on December 5, 2011, but I’m reposting it here — along with a few updates — in honor of everyone’s favorite holiday demon, as well as tonight’s theatrical premiere of KRAMPUS, the new horror film from genre favorite Michael Dougherty (TRICK ‘R TREAT). We horror lovers pretty much celebrate […]


5 Things To Love About KRAMPUS!

Fiends, this Friday, December 4th, you are in for an early Christmas treat. Because that’s when Michael Dougherty’s new flick KRAMPUS hits theaters and if you were a fan of what he did for Halloween with TRICK ‘R TREAT, then you’re going to love what he has in store for you with his horror take […]


TRICK ‘R TREAT Fans, Prepare For The Coming Of KRAMPUS!

For those of you that loved writer/director Michael Dougherty’s take of Halloween night with his classic horror anthology film TRICK ‘R TREAT, well now you’re in for another “treat,” as the filmmaker is back, this time setting his sights on the Christmas holiday with his new movie KRAMPUS! Legendary Pictures has unveiled the creepy theatrical […]