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Power Through Slavery: HELLRAISER’s “Chatterer” and BDSM Culture

Clive Barker fans swooned when it was announced that the graphic novel HELLRAISER ANTHOLOGY: VOLUME 2 will feature an origin story for the “Chatterer” Cenobite; what’s more, the story is being written by Nicholas Vince, the actor who made that same character iconic in HELLRAISER (1987) and HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II (1988). The intimidating, semi-mute member […]

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5 Totally Twisted HELLRAISER Cenobites that Aren’t Pinhead

Demons to some, angels to others. Clive Barker’s original tale of hell and its tortured denizens from novella THE HELLBOUND HEART and subsequent HELLRASIER movie have gone on to inspire endless more flicks, comics, books, toys, a video game, and more. Yet, even with such a far-reaching mythos, many people know only of Pinhead. Let’s […]