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Who Are The NEW Masters of Horror…?

Wes Craven. John Carpenter. George Romero. Alfred Hitchcock. The horror genre doesn’t just have great directors, we practically have royalty. At some point we declared the greatest horror filmmakers in the land to be our “Masters of Horror,” and all was basically well. But then something weird happened. We stopped. Your mileage might vary on […]


From The Director Of OLDBOY, Check Out This Bold Teaser For THE HANDMAIDEN!

We’re big fans of director Chan-wook Park and the news that his latest film, THE HANDMAIDEN (aka MADEMOISELLE, aka Ah-ga-ssi), is premiering at Cannes meant we’d soon have a new trailer to gush over. And sure enough, the teaser is here and it’s frenetic, intriguing and bold! All of the director’s Alfred Hitchcock influence, including a […]