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Horror Artist Profile: Jenny Parks and Pop Culture Cats

Love cats and horror movies? Artist Jenny Parks has found a niche creating pop culture cat art. She began making a living with her fuzzy creations after drawing a line of STAR TREK cats and then expanded into everything from STAR WARS, to DR WHO, to a variety of horror properties. She currently resides in Colorado, but you can find […]


Apocalypse Meow: Nine Unforgettable Killer Cat Movies

Horror movies have more subgenres than they probably need. “Werewolf biker movies,” plural, that’s a real thing. But mostly these offshoots of our favorite scare tactics make a certain amount of sense. There are a whole lot of deadly animal movies, for example, and if we can have a whole subgenre for man-eating sharks, then […]

Films Scary Fun 

13 Terrifying Things That Could Be Behind You Right Now…

It is, quite possibly, the oldest scare in the book. You look over somebody’s shoulder and yell “LOOK BEHIND YOU!” like you’ve just seen the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, and then they turn around and see there’s nothing there. And then you laugh and laugh and probably get punched. Horror movies, […]