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Slashback! Is 1978’s THE TOOLBOX MURDERS Based on a Real-Life Crime Spree?

[Warning: NSFW content ahead] Before we get into the seedy, grimy and straight-up deranged exercise that is Dennis Donnelly’s THE TOOLBOX MURDERS, let’s jump all the way to the film’s dubious one-paragraph epilogue (don’t worry, no serious spoilers here), which begins with the following statement: “The events dramatized in this film actually took place in […]


Alien Alert! Watching WITHOUT WARNING And PREDATOR 3D!

When it comes to curating weekly double features, sometimes you really have to go for it. And while I’ve previously paired up original horror movies with their remakes, and sometimes films with their sequels, this one was too fun an idea to pass up! I finally obtained Scream Factory’s release of the long-lost 1980 alien […]


Nothing Can Prepare You For The Action Packed Double Bill Of DANGEROUS MEN & DEADLY PREY!

For this week’s double take, I didn’t watch two horror movies. My buddy Scott Reynolds instead suggested on doing a double feature of DANGEROUS MEN, paired up with DEADLY PREY and insisted that this toxic combination of cinematic madness would absolutely blow my mind in the same way that some of my recent genre discoveries […]