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Blowing Minds With Cinema Reality: VR in Film

In 1935, Stanley G. Weinbaum’s short story PYGMALION’S SPECTACLES introduced the world to the concept of virtual reality, and ever since, science and technology have been working to create his vision. In the last few years, we have come closer than many ever imagined. The Oculus. The Vive. PlayStation VR. The future is here! But […]


Techno Terrors: A Look Back at 1994’s BRAINSCAN

“Real. Unreal. What’s the difference? So long as you don’t get caught.”-Trickster By 1994, the Internet and World Wide Web went from being an elitist, university-centered tool to a commercialized, entertainment medium open to the general public. Thanks to a growing industry of affordable Internet Service Providers (ISP), personal computers, Internet cafés, and the successful […]