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Six Awesome CHILD’S PLAY Chucky Toys Coming Soon From Mezco

It’s been nearly 30 years – 28, to be exact – since we met killer doll Chucky in the original CHILD’S PLAY, and the franchise is still going strong to this day. Two direct sequels followed in the early ’90s, and series creator Don Mancini subsequently gave the pint-sized terror a wife in 1998, and […]


Is CHUCKY Finally Returning Soon?

Ever since CURSE OF CHUCKY, the 6th entry in the CHILD’S PLAY series debuted on home video & VOD back in 2013 in celebration of the full Blu-Ray box set release, fans have eagerly been awaiting another chapter in the ever expanding Chucky saga. And considering the success of that sequel, plus the fact that […]


SONNY BOY Is Scream Factory’s Most Bizarre Release

SONNY BOY has to be one of the most bizarre and unique films that Scream Factory has put out thus far. I wouldn’t necessarily categorize it as “horror,” but because of its cult aesthetic, it definitely will appeal to genre fans. Shot in 1989 under the direction of Robert Martin Carroll, from a script by […]