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Blumhouse Intern Horror Short Challenge: Watch RENT CONTROLLED

Each semester at Blumhouse Productions, we give our interns a challenge. They must create a horror short film using only a cell phone. They can add a soundtrack, but all the actual filming, editing, and audio work must be done entirely on a cell phone. Over the next few days, we will be sharing several of this […]


Ready to Purge Again? The Next PURGE Film Just Annouced!

It was just announced moments ago that Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures will be teaming up for another PURGE film. This will be the 4th film in the highly successful PURGE franchise. The film will release to theaters on July 4th, 2018. This untitled next chapter in the epic PURGE franchise will reunite James DeMonaco (writer/director of all […]

Scary Fun 

Check Out These Great Pics from the Blumhouse Halloween Party!

Blumhouse Productions recently hosted our annual Halloween party, a large-scale industry event filled with film professionals, amazing costumes, and killer decor. Check out the pics below! How many costumes can you recognize?