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Watch the Trailer for the Visceral South Korean Horror Movie BLUEBEARD!

On┬áMarch 17th, the new South Korean horror movie BLUEBEARD is releasing theatrically all around the US. Helmed by female director Lee Soo-youn (THE UNINVITED), BLUEBEARD is a genre-melding movie that blends elements of thriller and horror into a captivating and visceral murder mystery. Check out the synopsis below along with the trailer. For more info […]

Real Life Scares 

The Beast of Jersey: This Real-Life Monster is the Stuff of Nightmares

This is the mask of unbridled terror — the heinous masquerade of the depraved individual known as “The Beast of Jersey,” who perpetrated a decade-long reign of loathsome terror upon unsuspecting innocents. Clad in a woman’s black wig atop a chillingly disfigured rubber mask — an inhuman visage that would give even Leatherface nightmares — […]