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Corporate Horror: 10 Office Horror Movies

Jobs are where souls go to die. Beneath the bright fluorescent lights and fake plants, corporate workplaces are cages full of weirdoes who would kill their neighbors for a corner office if they weren’t such boring cowards. Blumhouse’s upcoming THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (coming to theaters on May 17) illustrates the hidden dread, desperation, and violence […]

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Event Report: The Grand Opening of Jason Egan’s Vegas Haunt FRIGHT DOME!

Las Vegas local Jason Egan likes to cover all his bases when it comes to horror. Having served as Executive Producer on 2015’s BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, and more recently THE NEIGHBOUR, Egan — also somewhat of a haunt maestro — is the brainchild behind battleship U.S.S. Salem’s haunted ghost ship experience in Boston, another haunt that […]