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Slashback! The Creepiest Pre-HALLOWEEN Slasher Trailers

In last week’s Slashback column, we took a controversial look at the cultural impact of the slasher genre through the eyes of two of its most famous detractors: film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. It’s interesting to note that when the pair ran their notorious SNEAK PREVIEWS “Violence Against Women” episode in 1980, the […]

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10 More Obscure Horror Gems Now Streaming on Amazon Prime!

I turn to Hulu for my TV fix, and I go to Netflix for contemporary horror film releases. But I absolutely love the weird and obscure horror titles I find lurking on Amazon Prime’s streaming platform! Check out my prior list of hidden gems on Amazon Prime here. And keep reading for 10 more weird, […]


The Pre-Slasher Lunacy Of Scream Factory’s BLOOD & LACE!

Picture this opening scene to a movie. We are the POV of a “killer.” Slowly, we make our way into the kitchen and open a drawer with utensils and other tools. We end up pulling out a hammer. We move upstairs to the bedroom and find a couple quietly sleeping in bed together. Hovering just […]