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10 Micro-Budget Films That Are Surprisingly Awesome

While we’ve grown accustomed to the horror genre receiving bigger budgets in order to capitalize on what is clearly a very macabre trend, there are still indie and low budget films being churned out on a weekly basis. We wanted to highlight a series of elite independent features that were shot on budgets south of […]


Exclusive Clip: Behind-The-Scenes of BLAIR WITCH!

Last September marked the return of the BLAIR WITCH franchise, and at the helm for the new sequel was the creative team behind THE GUEST, YOU’RE NEXT and A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, director Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett. If you missed it, fret not! BLAIR WITCH arrives on Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital HD and VOD […]

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Try Our BLAIR WITCH Quiz Created by Writer Simon Barrett!

Each month in Los Angeles, Dead Right Horror Trivia hosts an evening of horror-themed pub trivia. Over a hundred horror fans compete for prizes, and often rounds are guest hosted by horror icons. This past month, BLAIR WITCH writer Simon Barrett hosted a round on the entire BLAIR WITCH franchise including the movies, books, and […]


Eduardo Sanchéz Interested in Releasing “Extended Cut” of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT

Ever since the revelation at this year’s Comic-Con that Adam Wingard’s latest feature film (previously titled THE WOODS) is an official sequel to 1999’s THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (simply titled BLAIR WITCH), fans’ attention has returned to this landmark of found-footage horror. After its shocking premiere at Sundance, and a wildly successful theatrical release the […]


ENOUGH! Five Things Horror Needs To Let Rest

I love horror. You love horror. If you didn’t, I can’t imagine why you would be checking out an article on Unless you’re my mom, who doesn’t like horror, but likes seeing her son’s name on the internet. Hi mom! For the rest of us, we need to admit a few things about our […]

Films’s Top 20 Films That Played at the Sundance Film Festival

While everybody else is talking about how horrible the films in January are, the filmmakers and film critics descend up Park City, UT for the annual Sundance Film Festival. The sprawling event has become an important lynchpin for the industry, and every year all eyes turn to this festival to introduce us to new and […]