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Five 1970s Exploitation Films You May Have Missed

Exploitation cinema is a vast array of subgenres, some common knowledge and some you didn’t even know existed. With so many subgenres and films residing under the exploitation umbrella, its easy for a few titles to get lost. This especially true when you consider that most exploitations hype comes from word-of-mouth.  Therefore, it’s easy for […]


Afternoon Quickie: Ride with the Living Dead in PSYCHOMANIA!

“Ride with the living dead!” I’ve always had a thing for motorcycle movies. It’s one of my favorite horror sub-genres. While over the years, I have seen a wide range of horror/motorcycle cross-overs, also lovingly referred to as bikes-ploitation, my favorite of all time will always be the 1973 British moto-horror PSYCHOMANIA aka THE DEATH WHEELERS. Tom, […]