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10 Micro-Budget Films That Are Surprisingly Awesome

While we’ve grown accustomed to the horror genre receiving bigger budgets in order to capitalize on what is clearly a very macabre trend, there are still indie and low budget films being churned out on a weekly basis. We wanted to highlight a series of elite independent features that were shot on budgets south of […]


Exclusive Clip From The Bigfoot Horror Flick HUNTING GROUNDS!

Ready for a little Sasquatch mayhem? Earlier this year, writer / director John Portanova’s Bigfoot horror feature HUNTING GROUNDS was released on VOD. Now, for all you physical media buffs (and trust me, I’m still one of them) the Blu-Ray / DVD release is arriving on May 2nd! Uncork’d Entertainment has provided us with an exclusive clip! Check […]

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Human-Sized “Pot Monster” Sighted During Live News Broadcast

If you’re one of the millions forced to hunker down indoors during the massive blizzards that blasted much of the Northeastern US, you’ve probably been looking for some kind of relief… and while this story might not be exactly the help you expected, hopefully it elicits enough giggles to make it worth retweeting to your […]


You Will Not Believe Your Eyes Watching This Trailer To ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS

Alright, gang. Every once in a while, a trailer comes into my inbox here at the BH web offices that defies my ability to even begin to predict what will transpire once I click play. With a title like ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS, I tried to brace myself as I watched […]


Heads Up! HUNTING GROUND Stomping Right At You This February!

I love a good nature run amok horror movie. You know, things like GRIZZLY, DAY OF THE ANIMALS, ALLIGATOR! And I also love Bigfoot. There aren’t enough great Bigfoot horror movies out there. So, color me curious when the trailer to HUNTING GROUNDS hit my inbox and promised the best of both worlds! Have a […]

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Spiders, Sharks, Scorpions and More Horrors from the Headlines

Face it, folks: the world we live in is getting weirder by the minute. Seriously, at this point, the urge to retreat into a world of fictional monsters is nearly impossible to resist. But journalists still have a job to do (even if we’re just writing about demon sightings, botched exorcisms and… uh, Florida?). Honest, well-researched […]

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The Terrifying Tale of the Crosley Monster of Indiana

For decades, when it came to sasquatches stealing headlines, Bigfoot has always been the first name in wood ape lore. However, not all blurry bipedal gorillas hail from the Pacific Northwest. There is, of course, the Yeti or Abominable Snowman in the Alps, the Mande Burung of India, and the Crosley Monster of Indiana. That’s […]

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BREEDS WITH ANYTHING! The Wildest, Weirdest and Kinkiest Bigfoot Movies Ever Made

Considering they’re probably the best-known cryptids in history, the humanoids known variously as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, the Abominable Snowman and so forth don’t get much respect in modern cinema. While thousands of hours of film and video have been dedicated to these elusive man-beasts, there’s something about the big dude that makes it nearly impossible […]

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Seraphine Long: The Woman Who Gave Birth to Bigfoot

If the movies I grew up on are true, there is nothing a woman wants more than to be swept off her feet by a tall, strong man who will take care of her. Women, according to societal standards, love those tall, dark and handsome guys! The burly kind, like that dude on the Brawny […]

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The Legend of BASAJAUN: The Basque Bigfoot?

Before I introduce you to what many have dubbed the Bigfoot of the Basque Country, allow me to briefly explain how I came to cross paths with this hairy heteroclite from Basque Mythology. To put everything into context, I was born and raised in the northern English town of Huddersfield before emigrating to Bilbao more […]

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Eerie Footage Shows a Bizarre Humanoid Creature Roaming the Desert

A brief and rather creepy video clip has monster-hunters, UFO theorists and thousands of curiosity-seekers mystified since it first popped up on the web. The video file was apparently first uploaded to YouTube channel Alien Sightings, and depicts what appears to be a bipedal human-like creature shambling across a desert path. The figure is only visible […]

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Whether you like it or not, the Netflix Original series STRANGER THINGS has infiltrated people’s sub-conscious and become a pop culture phenomenon. Just skim your social media feeds for proof of that. And according to recent reports, it’s even surpassed the viewership of Netflix’s Marvel shows DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES! I personally love the show and […]

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Did These Videos Capture 5 Mysterious Creatures On Tape?

Just last week, while doing my usual tour of the wacky and weird world of YouTube, I stumbled upon a great video clip showcasing 10 Haunted Dolls Caught On Tape. Because of this, YouTube’s algorithm has been kind enough to bombard me with similar “real life scare” videos, which I’m thankful for! This one in […]