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Luxury Apartment Horror: Examaining HIGH-RISE and SHIVERS

I first heard about HIGH-RISE because Tom Hiddleston gets naked in it. Well, nearly naked, but one ticket sold right there. Then I realized that it was based on the dystopian political horror novel by J.G. Ballard, a scathing critique of the British class system that pops up on every “sci-fi must read” list. The […]


BRING ME THE HORIZON Debuts Short Form Film For “True Friends”

The latest album by metalcore pioneers BRING ME THE HORIZON marks a drastic change in sound for the band. If you hold up any track from their 1st record “Count Your Blessings” and listen to it along side something from “That’s The Spirit,” you wouldn’t believe it’s the same band. And yet despite aggressively going for […]



For my final Fantastic Fest recap, I figured I’d fit the rest of the week’s standout films/events into one piece. Days 4-8 were filled with some off the wall films, intense parties and a vibe in the air that gave off a feeling that we were all there to have fun and treat everyone as […]