The 13th Floor



Welcome to A Very Spooky… where we take a look at and review a classic TV series that is not known for horror but would, on occasion, dip its toes into the waters of terror. This week, we’re checking out STARSKY AND HUTCH season 3, episode 16, SATAN’S WITCHES… Some of you may only know […]


A Celebration of the Brilliance That Is MYSTERY MEN

I think the reason modern audiences have so passionately gravitated to superheroes over the past 15 years or so is the fundamental stance of moral absolutism that comes from superhero comics. One needs look no further than Marvel collector cards to see that comic book universes are divided into three very clearly delineated classes: Super […]


Rediscovering a Cult Classic HIGHWAY TO HELL

Back in the early 90’s when video stores were still the absolute best way to find your home entertainment, I kept my thumb on the pulse of all horror related titles and their VHS release dates. I recall first getting a glimpse of Ate de Jon’s HIGHWAY TO HELL during the preview section of The […]