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Warping a Generation: A Rediscovery of the Haunting Short Film LA CABINA

Imagine a film so vivid, so terrifying, that it haunts you like a ghost and makes you doubt its very existence. This particular film would be all the more disorienting because much of the bold visual style and low-key, jazz-kissed soundtrack would remind you of public access television geared towards children. Like experiencing a glimpse […]

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Before CONJURING 2, There Was GHOSTWATCH: A Terrifying TV Special About the “Enfield Poltergeist”

I’m ashamed to say it took me almost a week to catch up with CONJURING 2 — hey, life happens — but once I emerged from the darkened theater (smiling, because it was an excellent film), I immediately headed home to dig out my DVD copy of a notorious early ‘90s UK Halloween TV special […]

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Sea Monster Finally Discovered in Loch Ness — But It’s Not What You Think

The legend of “Nessie” has kept monster-seeking tourists flocking to Scotland’s Loch Ness since the 1930s… and while dozens of well-equipped exploration teams have used just about every kind of technology available to explore the massive lake over the past several decades, none of them have come up with indisputable proof of a giant monster […]


Horror Movies Banned in the UK: Getting to Know the Video Nasties!

Cannibals, criminals, and more than a few chainsaws. You know the stories, you recognize the images, and it is impossible for you to forget the characters. It is no secret that modern horror grew into its big-girl-pants in the 1980s, but did you know that the staples of the horror genre required defending in many […]