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Year End Guide To 2016’s Last Batch Of Horror Films!

The year 2016 is winding down to its bitter end, but for us horror fans, we tend to celebrate and look for solace in onscreen horrors as opposed to the real life ones. That’s why we love the genre, isn’t it? Escapism! And this year has had plenty to offer. I’m sure a lot of […]


10 Excellent but Lesser-Known International Horror Films

Looking to expand your horror vocabulary and check out some horror movies you may have missed? Time to take a world tour (and history tour as well). Below are ten terrific movies from overseas which sadly are not as well known in the states as they should be. TONY (England) – 2009 This hardcore, gritty, and extremely […]


EXCLUSIVE: BASKIN Soundtrack Music & Cover Art Reveal!

BASKIN – Police Raid (English translation). Invada & Lakeshore Records are set to unleash Hell (figuratively) with the soundtrack for BASKIN by Ulaş Pakkan. It is one of the most hotly anticipated horror films of 2016 after receiving rave reviews and winning the “Next Wave Award” at Fantastic Fest. The soundtrack will be released digitally […]


Is this the Most Extreme Movie Ever Made?

The horror community has been buzzing about BASKIN, an upcoming Turkish flick that just released a new trailer this week. Rumors have been circulating about how absolutely messed-up the movie is, many folks calling it the “scariest movie ever” or the “most extreme movie ever”.  And online reviews are full of discussions about what a mind […]



When taking a second or five to recollect the third day of this year’s Fantastic Fest, the word that comes to mind is the overly used but in this case, very appropriate word EPIC. It was definitely one for the books, with impressive film premieres/screenings, and one odd yet absolutely amazing performance that I will […]