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11 Horror Flicks You Won’t Believe Are Currently Streaming On Amazon Prime

It’s really an amazing time to be a movie fan, considering the access we have to so many obscure and crazy titles via multiple streaming services. I mean, do you remember reading about some weirdo horror flick in the pages of Fangoria and the search that followed at various video stores and conventions just to […]


Synapse Brings Back Belial In High Def For BASKET CASE 2 & 3 On Blu-Ray!

As a die-hard fan of the work of writer/director Frank Henenlotter, this is the news I’d been waiting for! Synapse-Films has announced Blu-Ray releases for both BASKET CASE 2 and BASKET CASE 3! Something Weird Video has already done a stellar Blu-Ray release of the original BASKET CASE, so finally with these sequels forthcoming, we […]