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5 More Films that were Banned in the United States

When I first wrote about films that had been banned in the United States, I found more titles than I was expecting. These weren’t just all obscure foreign films that pitted outside values against clean-cut American norms. There were also films that were seemingly harmless cult classics, as well as some major release films that had […]

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5 Movies that Were Banned in the United States

Banning a film always seems like something that’s done somewhere else, not here in America, land of the free. But America is a big country full of lots of states and towns, each one with its own moral code and belief as to what is acceptable cinema. Over the years, there have been many films that specific […]

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Banned in the UK!: 10 Obscure Horror Greats on the “Video Nasties” List

During the 1980s, when movies first entered homes via VHS tapes, bannings and censorship became rampant in many parts of the world. Perhaps the most well-known of these censorship movements was the United Kingdom’s “video nasties”, a list of 72 horror movies that were in some way censored. Some of the titles were just forced […]

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5 Extremely Controversial Horror Movies [VIDEO]

The horror genre has always been full of controversy. Gore, death, violence, and sex are commonplace in horror stories, often attempting to push moral decency past the current boundaries. Join us below as we look at 5 horror films that have undergone heavy censorship, even to the extent of being banned.

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Banned!: 10 Horror Movies You Weren’t Supposed to See

America…land of the free! Well, sometimes not completely free. Granted, the USA tends to be a lot more relaxed with censorship policies than many other countries (as you are about to read below), but we still have a turbulent history of decreeing that some films or scenes aren’t fit for public viewing. Here are 10 […]


Exploring the Banned Nickelodeon Halloween Special CRY BABY LANE

For a sizable chunk of the population, the cable network Nickelodeon was a significant part of our childhoods. Whether your adolescent years include fond memories of YOU CAN’T DO THAT ON TELEVISION from the 80s, SALUTE YOUR SHORTS from the 90s, or my young daughter’s current love of PAW PATROL, many of us have warm […]