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Double Dose Of Lycanthropy With HOWL And BAD MOON!

Awe yeah. I’ve been on a bit of a werewolf kick as of late, and decided that I wanted to cater this week’s edition of “Double Take” to this particular horror sub-genre. So I got together with my buddy Josh Miller (of Friday Night Frights fame for all you fellow Los Angeles movie enthusiasts) and […]


6 MORE Of Horror’s Coolest Looking Werewolves!

Last week, I took aim at one of my favorite sub-genres in horror and counted down the top 10 coolest looking cinematic werewolves. I was pleasantly surprised by the over-enthusiastic response via social media and the fact that so many people hold the lycanthrope so near and dear to their hearts as well! It’s funny […]

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The Decline of the Werewolf Sub-genre and 5 Lesser Known Werewolf Movies

Hollywood has been at a loss for good werewolf movies as of late. While the 80s and 90s were brimming with lycanthropic activity, the past decade has seen very few wolves journeying across our screens. With the exception of the well-done LATE PHASES from 2014, it feels like forever since we’ve had a stellar werewolf […]