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Never Forget Your Mama: Looking Back at the Still-Controversial MOTHER’S DAY

Sure, there’s a dedicated day for it on your calendar, but you really shouldn’t need a reminder to do right by your mom… even if you’re a homicidal inbred psycho who collects human heads and eats cereal and cat food from a bucket. That’s the gist of Charles Kaufman’s controversial backwoods horror and rape/revenge flick MOTHER’S DAY — […]


Slashback! Future Celebs Line Up for Slaughter in 1983’s THE FINAL TERROR

As an unashamed fan of slasher cinema, I’m not one to look down my nose at early horror roles taken by actors who have moved on to relative celebrity status, and I hate those condescending “crappy movies famous actors would like to forget” type of stories… at least when it comes to this genre. Besides, most horror fans […]