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Watch the Trailer for the Visceral South Korean Horror Movie BLUEBEARD!

On March 17th, the new South Korean horror movie BLUEBEARD is releasing theatrically all around the US. Helmed by female director Lee Soo-youn (THE UNINVITED), BLUEBEARD is a genre-melding movie that blends elements of thriller and horror into a captivating and visceral murder mystery. Check out the synopsis below along with the trailer. For more info […]

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5 Terrifying Japanese Legends that will Give You Nightmares!

I find Japanese folklore and legends to be some of the most fascinating…and frightening. Here are five of the most terrifying Japanese legends. Teke Teke (pictured above) A young school girl on her way home fell on a railroad track. She was cut in half by a train and died. Returning later as a vengeful spirit, […]

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THE RING is Based on Two Horrifying (Supposedly Real) Japanese Legends! [VIDEO]

The newest installment in THE RING franchise, RINGS, is releasing to theaters this weekend on February 3rd. But did you know the terrifying ghost from THE RING series, Samara, is based on two Japanese legends? Check out the video below to learn about the frightening ghost stories that influenced this epic film series.

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The Best Movies of the 2000s Asian Horror Boom

In the early 2000s, the American remakes of THE RING and THE GRUDGE (both based on Japanese films) became instant box office successes. Suddenly, all of Hollywood turned towards the Asian horror markets looking for anything that could be remade. The Asian territories were also having a simultaneous horror boom, churning out countless art dread […]



Horror fans rejoice! Available today for your Kindle via Amazon Digital Services is Brian Collins HORROR MOVIE A DAY: THE BOOK courtesy of Birth.Movies.Death publishing. For those unfamiliar, Brian has been a regular genre web contributor since the early days of and for a consecutive 6 years had a blog titled “Horror Movie A Day.” […]