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Gregory Burkart Stares Into the EYES OF FIRE: The Witch Before THE VVITCH?

Since I came to live in Los Angeles, I’ve had amazing opportunities to check off quite a few items on my list of lifetime movie-going ambitions (I despise the term “bucket list,” because it creates unrealistic expectations). Some items on that list had once been relegated to the dusty storage locker of my memories… including the chance […]

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The Eerie Art of Zdzisław Beksiński

When it comes to horror art, the list of names is short and already well pored-over. H.R. Giger is still featured on the bedroom wall of every horror-loving teen in the world. Some of the more whimsical art collectors feature the works of Edward Gorey and Charles Addams. And some more enterprising horror classicists may have […]

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Painted in Blood Red: 10 Utterly Disturbing Classic Works of Art

Before there were horror movies, people had to be very creative with the way they scared the shit out of each other. Sure, sometimes it takes longer to paint a picture, but it takes talent and time to create something that terrifies all who look upon it. Here is my top ten list of the scariest classic […]

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You KNOW You Want to Guzzle Coffee From a Zombie’s Head…

…and now you can, thanks to the truly twisted — and frankly amazing — mug designs of artist Turkey Merck, whose creations have been steadily gaining popularity among horror fans since the first images of “Slow Joe,” a one-eyed, rotting zombie head coffee mug, crept onto Merck’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. Based in Georgia, Merck […]

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Last month, we celebrated the long-awaited premiere of a brand-new season of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE — the intensely scary, sometimes hilarious and always entertaining audio drama series from indie horror icon Larry Fessenden, writer-director Glenn McQuaid, and production company Glass Eye Pix — by revealing a wickedly whimsical stop-motion animated promo sequence from […]

The Butchered Art of Cao Hui

Artist Cao Hui’s “Visual Temperature” art exhibit looks like something you would expect to find in Leatherface’s living room, not in a museum. His work aims to look beyond the surface, and in this case, beyond the surface of innocent items like jackets and sofas is guts, blood, and viscera. Using mixed materials including resin […]

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Mondo Unveils Three Creeptastic CREEPSHOW Poster Designs

The graphic gurus at Mondo are opening October in style, by commemorating the classic 1982 Stephen King/George Romero anthology film CREEPSHOW with a new collection of limited-run posters. Let’s take a gander at the good stuff: This twisted interpretation is rendered by artist Boneface. The 18″x24″ screen prints are hand-numbered in a run of 225 at […]