The 13th Floor


The Delightful Insanity of MADHOUSE

Last month, something happened that I never could have predicted in a million years. Arrow Video released 1981’s MADHOUSE on Blu-Ray. Frankly, up to this point, I was convinced that it wasn’t real, and I had only seen it in a fever dream. But now, with a crisp 2K restoration, this is either the longest […]


How’s This For A Double Bill? BLOOD RAGE and CUT-THROATS NINE!

In keeping with my now weekly tradition of enjoying a double feature with my Killer POV co-host Elric Kane, we again opted not to do an original movie and it’s remake, but just two movies we really wanted to see! Last week, we assumed we were following a “slasher” theme with our selections of SLAUGHTERHOUSE […]


Killer POV Pick Of The Week – EATEN ALIVE

Just skimming through the filmography of director Tobe Hooper and seeing titles like SALEM’S LOT, THE FUNHOUSE & LIFEFORCE would be more than enough to earn him the title as a “master of horror,” but quite frankly, he could’ve been crowned it right out of the gate in 1974 with his horror debut masterpiece THE […]