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Scary Fun 

After School Satan: The Devil Is (Not Really) Coming for Your Children!

The only after school program I had as a kid was breaking bottles down by the crick… but 2017’s kids have a range of edifying après-elementary school choices, from Drama Club to Mathletes to Bible societies. Now, thanks to The Satanic Temple, school kids can attend After School Satan club too. METAL! Since they launched […]

Real Life Scares 

Eerie Facebook Image Allegedly Shows a Winged “Demon” Walking the Streets

It all started with a single image post from Facebook user Richard Christianson in Phoenix, Arizona… captioned only with this question: “What the hell do you see in this picture… for reals? Anybody?” Since that post, which popped up on New Year’s Day (and apparently has since been removed), all of Facebook exploded with theories […]

Real Life Scares 

The Clownpocalypse: Hysteria, Hype and Horror

I may not be the first one to utter the words “clowns don’t seem so funny anymore” (I’m pretty sure that happened decades ago), but this year’s massive resurgence in the bizarre phenomenon sometimes known as “clown trolling” — which was first widely reported as far back as 2013 in the UK, but has spiked […]

Real Life Scares 

From Wickest City in the West to Nightmarish Ghost Town: Jerome, Arizona

The town of Jerome, Arizona went from the absolute best to worst. It was considered a Boom Town where the plentiful copper created a one-billion-dollar industry. To keep the miners happy and in town, William Andrews Clark, the owner of Jerome and Arizona’s United Verde Copper Company, provided sufficient gambling, drinking, opium and female companionship to all […]

Films Real Life Scares Scary Fun Travels to Phoenix Comic Con!

Just one week left until Phoenix Comic Con! With an attendance of almost 80,000 fans, and a full four days of events and gatherings, this is going to be one hell of an extended weekend. will have a booth on the main floor. So be sure to come by, and say hi! The current […]

Films Real Life Scares Scary Fun 

TSA Agents Horrified by Traveling Corpse from TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2

If you’re well-versed on the infamous Sawyer clan from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and its abundant cinematic offspring (sequels, prequels, side-quels, remakes, reboots, re-quels, or whatever they’re calling them now), then you know that the Sawyers definitely consider the Lone Star State their home. But the fam does like to travel the country now and […] Attending Phoenix Comic Con! is proud to announce that we will be attending the Phoenix Comic Con on June 2nd – 5th. Phoenix Comic Con is a massive pop culture event with close to 100,000 attendees! It takes over the downtown Phoenix area and features amazing guests, panels, and events from all areas of Geekdom. is thrilled […]