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In Defense of The Vastly Underrated and Criminally Underseen ODD THOMAS

It seems like, as time marches on, we have trouble accepting a movie as being good. Every movie is either the best thing ever or the worst thing ever, and no other option can exist. In this world full of tweets like “THE CONJURING is my everything!” or “LOL THE CONJURING is so lame. FOLLOW […]


Check Out This STRANGER THINGS / TROLLHUNTERS Mashup From Netflix!

Ever since Netflix debuted STRANGER THINGS and it became a pop culture phenomenon, countless numbers of tributes, memes and mashups have surfaced online. Well, I imagine Netflix figured why don’t they get in on the fun? The streaming service created a new promo for their show TROLLHUNTERS, the animated series from Guillermo del Toro which […]


We Chat With Imogen Poots Of GREEN ROOM

Imogen Poots is no stranger to the horror genre. The 26-year-old Chiswick native has, in just ten years, already co-starred in 28 WEEKS LATER and the underrated remake of FRIGHT NIGHT. But this year she’s reteaming with her FRIGHT NIGHT co-star Anton Yelchin for an altogether different kind of scary movie, GREEN ROOM, in which […]


NSFW: First Official Red-Band Trailer For The Highly Anticipated GREEN ROOM!

The first official red-band trailer has dropped for writer/director Jeremy Saulnier’s latest film GREEN ROOM. If you’ve been following the filmmaker’s career thus far, then you know to expect not necessarily a traditional “horror” movie by any means, but something dark & twisted. His filmography includes his stark, dark comedy MURDER PARTY, followed by the really emotionally-driven […]


Welcome To FRIGHT NIGHT… The Double Feature… For Real!

To me, the key to a truly great “remake” of a pre-existing horror film is simple. Would the new update make a good double feature with the original movie? When it comes to programming a double bill, the goal is to find two movies with a similar theme that would complement each other. And there’s […]