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How Italian Horror Cinema Inspired Survival Horror Video Games

Survival horror video games have changed a lot over the years — especially as the technology evolved along with our sensibilities. Soon, we’ll be able to play RESIDENT EVIL 7, OUTLAST 2, and DEATH STRANDING with VR options, putting players in the midst of total terror. But to understand where the subgenre is today, we […]


Slashback! This Gory Italian HALLOWEEN Clone Lives Up to its Name: ABSURD!

This splattery oddity goes by about half a dozen different names — most of which, not surprisingly, have little to do with the content of the notorious film itself, which earned a dubious spot on the UK’s infamous “Video Nasties” list of banned titles. Many fans of vintage Euro-horror first discovered ABSURD during the bootleg tape-trading […]


INTERVIEW with Dave Sheldon: The History of Edward Montoro and Film Ventures International, Makers of GREAT WHITE, GRIZZLY, and More!

GRIZZLY, GREAT WHITE, and ANTHROPOPHAGUS. Besides their prestigious placement in the annals of VHS horror culture, none of the films would have been possible without the help of B-movie producer/distributor and founder of Film Ventures International, Edward L. Montoro.  But while creating some legendary titles in the horror industry, Montoro and FVI were also notorious […]

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10 Tasty Cannibal Film Recommendations

With the recent release of Eli Roth’s GREEN INFERNO, horror fans are hearing a lot about the Italian cannibal films that Roth pulled much of his inspiration from, including hits like CANNIBAL FEROX, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, and MAN FROM DEEP RIVER. But cannibal terror is not isolated to the undiscovered jungles of foreign locales. Cannibals are […]