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Gruinard Island: The Island of Death!

Just off the British Isles, in the Scottish Hebrides, is a seemingly serene island whose green-peaks belie the terror of government sanctioned death experiments! Gruinard Island, a small oval shaped isle, is less than a mile from the Scottish mainland, but it was here that secret forces of the embattled UK unleashed a testament of […]

Why EA’s Epic Game BRüTAL LEGEND Still Deserves to Be Legendary

SILENT HILL 2. RESIDENT EVIL 4. FINAL FANTASY VII. Video games are still in their infancy as an art form, but we are already starting to declare that certain experiences are canonical. These are the games that represented the artistic height of the medium, that rattled our senses and showed us what the art is […]

ANTHRAX Bring The Pain In The New “Blood Eagle Wings” Video

I love that fact that Slayer, Megadeth and now Anthrax all have new albums out and they’re all awesome. Part of the fun of this resurgence from some of heavy metal’s most celebrated titans is seeing these new music videos surface. This isn’t the old days of MTV where you’d have to censor graphic material. […]