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CREEPYPASTA: Is the Thing Behind “The Barricade” Real or Delusion… or Both?

In 2008, one of several posts to 4chan’s notorious /x/ paranormal board by a user identified as “Josef K” apparently documented the author’s life-long struggle with a very unpleasant conundrum: despite being examined for every possible physical, mental or behavioral illness, and being prescribed every medication in the book, Josef continued to be plagued by […]


Building a Better Horror Anthology: The Perils of Parenthood

We are certainly experiencing a new wave of new wave horror anthologies right now, and there’s no denying they are the perfect showcase for short film. As with most films in this realm, audiences can always expect quite the eclectic mix of material to cater to a broader range of tastes which, more often than […]

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Remembering the Many Strange Spin-Offs of TALES FROM THE CRYPT!

Let us all fondly remember the time when TALES FROM THE CRYPT dominated the horror landscape like a hedonistic pagan god. It sat on its mighty throne of pop culture skulls, feasting on mutton, providing for the gore-thirsty populace the most visible and accepted outlet for blood-soaked horror. For a few years in the early […]

Exclusive Interview: Author John Palisano on the Art of Horror and the Horror of Heartbeak

John Palisano may be a new name for many horror readers. But his gradual climb to the literary limelight has been through all the briars and obstructions that life throws in an artist’s way. His short fiction has been nominated three times for the Bram Stoker Award; he’s won the John H. Edmond award for some […]


Guillermo Del Toro In Talks to Adapt SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK!

If this deal pans out, we can look forward a stylishly chilling adaptation of one of the creepiest, most controversial and totally nightmare-inducing book series ever targeted at young readers: Alvin Schwartz’s legendary trilogy of folklore-based short fiction collections SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. According to a breaking story by Mike Fleming Jr. […]


EXCLUSIVE: TALES OF HALLOWEEN Pics, Video, and Interview with Dave Parker and Austin Falk

The new Halloween anthology, TALES OF HALLOWEEN, premiered at ScreamFest in Los Angeles this week to a sold out crowd! The film will be hitting select theaters as well as VOD tonight, October 16th. We caught up with director, Dave Parker, and his lead actor, Austin Falk, to get the background about how this soon-to-be […]