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Pure Insanity Strikes In This Trailer For 68 KILL!

Here’s one that made a big impression at South By Southwest! IFC Midnight will release 68 KILL, the latest film from director Trent Haaga and starring Matthew Gray Gubler,  AnnaLynne McCord (it’s a mini EXCISION reunion!), Alisha Boe, Sheila Vand, and Sam Eidson. Seeing is believing, folks, so watch the trailer below! 68 KILL will be […]


Puberty, Possession And The Phobia Of Female Bodies

Puberty is a terrifying time for everyone, but puberty for girls is like something out of a Cronenbergian nightmare. In what feels like an instant – our bodies begin to mutate into unfamiliar forms we can’t control, chemicals rushing through our veins begin to send signals to places we never thought to explore, and we […]