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Seven Of The Most Obvious Horror Movie Twists Ever

Some horror filmmakers aren’t just trying to scare you, they’re trying to blind you with fear. They’re trying to get you so wrapped up in their web of terror that you don’t even notice the giant man-eating spider sneaking up, pincers raised. Or, to put it more simply, these horror filmmakers are hoping you get […]


There’s Something Wrong with the Children: 10 Frightening Flicks with Possessed Kids

Speaking as a father, I can attest to the fact that children are pretty damn creepy. Most parents will question occasionally if their 3-year-old is actually possessed as they demonically throw crayons or hurl their milk at the wall. But in movies, it gets much worse. THE DARKNESS is opening in theaters on May 13th and […]


6 More Chilling Flicks You Likely Don’t Know Are on Netflix

Last week, I discussed how Netflix has some strange genre filing methods that lead the site to bury horror-ish movies (like THE OTHERS) under other genres. Read all about it and my prior movie selections. Here are another 6 flicks that definitely cross the genre lines into horror. Yet, for some reason, these films are […]