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The Return Of Leslie Vernon! BEFORE THE MASK Comic Book In The Works!

There was a brief period of time there where it seemed like Anchor Bay could do no wrong, especially for a horror fan. After doing stellar editions of classics such as HALLOWEEN, DAWN OF THE DEAD and THE EVIL DEAD, not to mention putting out uncut versions of Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and Lamberto Bava […]


Slashback! Linda Blair is Trapped in a Murder Mansion on HELL NIGHT (1981)

Long after her unforgettable performance as Regan MacNeil in THE EXORCIST, Linda Blair never really found a way to escape the confines of the horror and exploitation genres. Thankfully, she found steady work there throughout the ’80s… and while she may or may not not look back fondly on sleazoid cult classics like CHAINED HEAT, WITCHERY or […]