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The Pastel Nightmare of Melanie Martinez’s ‘CRY BABY’

Before she was old enough to vote, Martinez was a contestant on THE VOICE, and placed in the Top 6. Two of the studio versions of her songs cracked the Top 10 on iTunes, due in large part to her ability to modify popular songs into an ambient and somewhat uncomfortable sound. Martinez’s voice has […]

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Somewhere Over the Dark Rainbow: Queer Fear and AMERICAN HORROR STORY

In terms of queer content on mainstream television, it was Ryan (GLEE, NIP/TUCK) Murphy and Brad Falchuk who broke the mould with their 2011 debut of the triumphantly taboo-breaking AMERICAN HORROR STORY. The anthology show was largely experimental in nature, yes. The haunted house format was lifted wholesale from horror’s historical archives and, yes, it […]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Actress Dies at Age 43

Rose Siggins, the actress who played Legless Suzi on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW, passed away yesterday morning, Saturday, December 12th, at a Denver hospital. Rose had gone into the hospital for kidney stone surgery and never made a recovery, ultimately succumbing to a post-op infection. AMERICAN HORROR STORY wrote about her tragic passing on […]