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Talking AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ROANOKE with Executive Producer Tim Minear

Tim Minear is a two time Emmy-nominated screenwriter/producer/director known for his amazing contributions to the Horror genre such as AMERICAN HORROR STORY and X-FILES, as well as other shows like FIREFLY, ANGEL and DRIVE. Minear has consistently re-defined horror content in regards to cable television programming. had the honor of catching up with him briefly to ask a bit […]

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Did you know that Lady Gaga’s character is based on a supposedly real witch? Or that the killer nurses were inspired by real nurses that murdered their patients? The TV series AMERICAN HORROR STORY has always borrowed from actual history. The most recent season, ROANOKE, is no different, using historical events and actual mysteries to help shape […]

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ROANOKE- The Real Story Behind the Blood Moon

This season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY has put a lot of focus on a real event known as the Blood Moon, when, according to the show, ghosts are able to walk the earth and take on human form again. So what is the Blood Moon and what kind of crazy shit goes down during an […]


Psychics, the Roanoke Colony, and Witches: Breaking Down this Week’s Episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY

***SPOILER ALERT!*** The search for Flora continues, without much luck. Mason is found murdered. We meet a strange psychic named Cricket who tells us the “real” story of the Roanoke Colony: the governor’s wife, Thomasin White, was left to govern while her husband went back to England for supplies. She was exiled by hungry, angry […]

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ROANOKE’s Murderous Nurses are Based on a True Story!

This season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, entitled ROANOKE, is the sixth season of the popular FX’s horror anthology. The ROANOKE series takes on a completely different style, presented in a documentary fashion with actor reenactments. The story of a young couple who find themselves the not-so-proud owners of an old rural home, these first few episodes […]


Rituals, Nurses, and Lady Gaga: A Closer Look at AMERICAN HORROR STORY Episode 602

“My Roanoke Nightmare” continues with the discovery of strange rituals performed in the woods by 16th century settlers with pig men. Lee’s daughter makes friends with a ghost who threatens to kill everyone. A video tape found in a root cellar reveals the (recent) history of the house: that it was used as a nursing […]


AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 6 Theme Revealed and We Breakdown Clues

AMERICAN HORROR STORY has always been maddeningly good at keeping plots secret. In previous seasons, we would only get a cast list and a subtitle (COVEN, ASYLUM, HOTEL, FREAK SHOW) but it was pretty fair to assume that COVEN would be about witches and ASYLUM would be set in an asylum. With Season 6 on […]