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The Suburban Nightmares of Todd Solondz

Todd Solondz is largely considered an infamous and controversial filmmaker. During his career, the writer-director has enjoyed pulling back the twitching curtain on the quintessential suburban facade, revealing a gallery of the grotesque hidden behind the pristine picket fences, innocuous bake sales, pleasant PTA meetings and seemingly well-adjusted American families. The director has delved into […]


Afternoon Quickie: Ally Sheedy in 1990’s FEAR

“Your First Impulse Your Last Sensation” Not to be confused with FEAR starring Mark Wahlberg (another good thriller), FEAR starring Ally Sheedy is a rather forgotten 1990 release from director Rockne S. O’Bannon, best known for his work on killer genre TV programming like THE TWILIGHT ZONE (80s reincarnation), ALIEN NATION, and FARSCAPE. Many horror fans […]